Programme Regulations

By registering in the AMPAP courses, you accept and understand the following:


1. General

1.1 All courses include a formal learning evaluation process (i.e. individual and team assignments, and exam).

1.2 For mandatory courses, participants must achieve a final grade of at least 70% in order to pass the course. If a participant’s final grade falls below 70% but is 50% or more, he/she will have the opportunity to take a re-sit exam, the results of which will determine the final grade.

Without limiting the generality of the paragraph above:

a. The re-sit exam will normally be written no later than four weeks from the course end-date; it is the responsibility of the participant to be available for the scheduled exam date and time.
b. The result of the re-sit exam will determine whether the participant achieves a passing grade in the course; (a maximum grade of 70% will be recorded).
c. The participant who is required to take a re-sit exam may be scheduled only once and will receive an “incomplete” grade for a no-show.
d. The participant who is unsuccessful in the re-sit exam or is a no-show will be required to retake the course in full.

1.3 A participant may be deemed to have desisted if he/she is not present at the start of the course for which he/she has registered and could be disallowed to enter the group after a course has begun. The payment will be forfeited and the participant will be required to re-register for another scheduled delivery at a later date.

1.4 At any given course, the participant is required to attend in full. Late arrivals or early departures are strictly disallowed.

1.5 It is the responsibility of the participant to take all necessary measures to overcome any special circumstances that may cause lateness or obstruction to his/her performance. This applies to both face-to-face and online courses. It is the responsibility of the participant to inform the Course Leader or Registrar of any such circumstances that may arise failing which he/she will be considered to have withdrawn and failed the course.

2. Academic Integrity

The primary objective for the AMPAP mandatory courses is for each participant to demonstrate his/her capability in applying the recognized practices and processes that are accepted by the industry and international regulations and which are transmitted and discussed in the course material.

All AMPAP participants are expected to conduct himself/herself ethically and professionally, whether in a face-to-face or online course, with regard to producing material for submission as his/her course work.

2.1. Any form of cheating, plagiarism, impersonation, falsification of a document as well as any other form of dishonest behaviour for the obtainment of academic gain or the avoidance of evaluative exercises committed by a participant is an offence.

2.2. Without limiting the generality of the paragraph above, academic offences include, but are not restricted to, the carrying out or attempting to carry out or participating in:

a. impersonation — assuming the identity of another person or having another person assume one’s own identity;
b. plagiarism — the presentation of the work of another person as one’s own or without proper acknowledgement;
c. the contribution by one participant to another participant of work with the knowledge that the latter may submit the work in part or in whole as his or her own; this does not encourage the participant to develop/his/her own thinking;
d. the obtainment by theft or any other means of the questions or answers of an examination or of any other related resource that one is not authorized to possess;
e. the use of another person’s examination during an examination;
f. communication with anyone other than an invigilator during an examination or the use of any non-authorized assistance during an examination.

2.3. For any instance of having committed an offence, the participant will not be reimbursed, in whole or in part. In the case of expulsion, the participant will not be allowed to reapply to re-enter the Programme and will not be reimbursed, in whole or in part.

2.4. Without limiting the generality of the paragraphs above, for committing an offence(s) a participant will be subject to a penalty, as deemed fit by the course director. The participant will not receive a refund, in whole or in part. A participant may appeal the penalty he/she received with the Registrar in collaboration with an AMPAP Review Committee.

2.5. The maximum penalty for an offence is expulsion from AMPAP. For any participant who is expelled from AMPAP, the participant will not receive a refund, in whole or in part, nor be allowed to reapply and rejoin into the Programme.


1. General

1.1. All prices are quoted in USD and must be paid in that currency unless otherwise specified.
1.2. Credit card payment will be accepted only through the AMPAP secured site, as specified.
1.3. Unless otherwise specified, the participant agrees that full payment be applied via wire transfer or credit card only through the AMPAP secured site, or institutional check.
1.4. All fees quoted are net. Any taxes, service or other charge(s) that may be incurred to issue a payment are additional and to be settled by the participant.
1.5. The tuition fee must be received in full before the course start date or other specified date.

2. Application for Admission

2.1. By submitting the completed application for admission to the Programme, the applicant accepts and understands that the decision of the Admissions Committee to accept or reject the application will be final.
2.2. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all the information provided in connection with the  application is authentic and accurate.
2.3. AMPAP reserves the right to cease consideration of the application, to withdraw any offer of admission already made, and/or to terminate one’s status as an applicant.
2.4. All reapplicants, except for those who were previously admitted, are required to submit a complete application. Previously admitted applicants should contact the Registrar for special reapplication instructions.
2.5. Full payment of the admission fee is required and chargeable on receipt of the admission application.
2.6. The admission application fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

3. Registration to AMPAP Following Admission

3.1. Full payment of the registration fee is required and chargeable to the participant upon receipt of the registration submission.
3.2. The registration fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

4. Course Enrollment

4.1. Full tuition fee payment is required and chargeable to the participant upon receipt of the course enrollment submission.
4.2. Access may be withdrawn from a fully registered participant in any of the AMPAP mandatory course failing receipt of his/her tuition fee payment before the course start date.

5. Electives

5.1. A participant who has taken one or two AMPAP approved elective courses before March 14, 2007  may request a course credit(s). An administrative fee will apply.
5.2. A.A.E’s are eligible to request two elective course credits against their AMPAP course requirements. Proof of this certification must be provided and an administrative fee will apply.
5.3. The IAP candidate is responsible for informing the Registrar and providing proof of successful completion of an approved elective course(s). The electives are conducted by ACI GT or ICAO (see list of approved electives).

6. Course Cancellation

6.1. AMPAP makes every effort to deliver its scheduled courses. In the unlikely event of a course cancellation, the registrant will receive notice to reschedule another date at no additional charge.
6.2. For a participant who has fully registered for a course, any cancellation with more than 2 weeks’ notice before the course start date, there will be no penalty charge and the tuition fee payment will be automatically transferred but only to another mandatory course session; this credit must be reapplied within a maximum 12-month period failing which it will be deemed as forfeited.
6.3. For a participant who has fully registered for a course, any cancellation with less than 2 weeks’ notice but received before the course start date, a penalty fee will apply and the tuition fee payment will be automatically transferred but only to another mandatory course session; this credit must be reapplied within a maximum 12-month period failing which it will be deemed as forfeited.
6.4. For a participant who is fully registered for a course and cancels after a course has started or is a no-show, he/she will be deemed to have desisted and forfeited the tuition fee payment.

7. Substitution

No substitution of any course participant is allowed in the Programme.

8. Time-Frame for Completion

8.1. The IAP candidate is required to complete the six-course curriculum within a maximum period of three years.
8.2. There will be no refund, in part or in whole, for any participant who has not fully met the qualifications required within the specified time-frame to obtain the IAP designation.
8.3. Under special circumstances, a candidate may a request an extension, in writing, beyond the three-year mark for AMPAP completion. The IAP candidate will write to the Registrar stating the reason(s) why he/she will not complete the required curriculum within the three-year period for accreditation copying this to his/her nominating executive from his airport organization. The Registrar will respond in writing within a maximum period of five working days following a case review. If approved, a 12-month extension will come into effective immediately from the last day of the three-year expiry month for the candidate since taking the gateway mandatory course (Air Transport System). A penalty fee will apply. No further extension will be granted.

9. AMPAP Membership

9.1. The annual membership fee is payable each year starting from the first anniversary year of a participant having joined AMPAP.
9.2. Once completed, the IAP must maintain his/her designation through his membership fee payment to remain current.
9.3. Should a candidate decide to cancel his/her programme enrollment or AMPAP membership, or fail to pay the annual membership fee, and wish to resume the AMPAP at a later date, a reinstatement fee will be imposed.
9.4. IAP candidates and IAPs in good administrative standing will be listed by name and airport organization on the AMPAP website.

10. Programme Fees List

10.1. Application handling (to determine admission eligibility)
10.2. Initial registration (to register as an IAP candidate)
10.3. Mandatory Course Enrollment (per mandatory course)
10.4. Mandatory Course Retake Enrollment
10.5. Mandatory Course Resit Examination
10.6. Elective Course Exemption Administration (applicable to A.A.E.’s)
10.7. Elective Course Request (AMPAP approved elective course(s) taken prior to March 1, 2007)
10.8. Change to Course Registration
10.9. Programme Extension
10.10. Annual Membership (beyond 1st year anniversary)
10.11. Programme Reinstatement
10.12. Payment with insufficient funds



AMPAP Policy Regulations are administered by the Registrar. Any questions regarding their application and interpretation must be directed the registrar’s office using the contact form.

AMPAP reserves the right to make changes at any time which may affect policies, fees, curricula, courses, regulations pertaining to conduct or discipline or any other matters cited on this Website. While every effort has been made to ensure that this Web site is accurate and up to date, it may include typographical or other errors.


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