Programme Objectives

  1. Increase the professional knowledge and capability of airport management personnel worldwide in order to improve the performance of airports in their core missions (safety, security, efficiency, quality, social/environmental responsibility, etc.);
  2. Encourage the adherence to uniform standards and awareness of best practices at the world’s airports;
  3. Promote the recognition of professional excellence in airport management; and,
  4. Expand communication among airport executives globally to optimize knowledge sharing among the world’s airports.


IAP candidates must successfully complete 4 mandatory courses and 2 electives within a 3-year time frame.

  • The first course, the Air Transport System (ATS), involves 5 days of classroom training with advance preparation using electronically-transmitted materials.
  • The next 3 mandatory courses are offered online and are spread through four weeks (equivalent to 5 days of classroom training).
  • Finally, 2 Electives are to be chosen from a list of courses from ACI and ICAO.
Find out if you are eligible:


  • Only individuals who occupy a management position within a civil airport organization may join AMPAP to earn the International Airport Professional (IAP) designation.
  • Management personnel of eligible stakeholders, namely, ICAO, ACI, Civil Aviation Directorates of ICAO member states, and ACI World Business Partners may join AMPAP to earn the AMPAP Associate Diploma. The candidates are only required to take the 4 mandatory courses, within the same 3-year time frame.