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Airports Council International (ACI)Applications to the ACI Fund must be submitted directly to ACI.

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ICAO Fellowships

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

ICAO policy for awarding fellowships for safety-related training

ICAO has established a Fellowship Programme to assist States having difficulties for the development of their safety oversight capabilities or in implementing their State Safety Programmes. The ICAO Fellowship Programme will support States by enabling attendance of their selected staff at training courses and programmes organized by ICAO or by training organizations having signed a Memorandum of Understanding or a Memorandum of Cooperation with ICAO, provided fulfilment of criteria underlined in this policy.

Priorities for granting fellowships will be given to Least Developed Countries (UNCTAD list) and States having safety oversight shortcomings (ICAO USOAP results). ICAO will consider granting fellowships to applicants meeting the following criteria:

–        The applicant must be working for a civil aviation authority or a government organization;

–        The application must be supported by the Civil Aviation Authority; and

–        The course should be directly related to enhancing aviation safety and in line with the human resources development plan established by the Civil Aviation Authority.

A Fellowship Committee is established by ICAO to review applications for each course and propose to the ICAO Secretary General the list of applicants and decisions to be taken. In general, the fellowship only applies to the AMPAP ATS course tuition fee, a value of 2610 USD and may cover these fees partially or fully. Other costs such as AMPAP administrative (application/registration and membership fees), transportation, accommodations and daily subsidence should normally be borne by the applicant or the employer.

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